BoilerGuard - Plant Room Safety System

BoilerGuard - Plant Room Safety System

The BoilerGuard system is designed to meet the requirements of IGEM/ UP 2 Edition 3, IGEM/UP/11 Edition 2 and provides the complete safety solution for any plant/boiler room whether Gas or Fuel Oil is used. The BoilerGuard can work alongside a BMS or act as the main safety circuit.

This system can act as the central controller for the gas supply whist monitoring ancillary devices such as gas sensors and thermal fuses. It can also be interfaced with a BMS and interlocked with the power supply to the plant to delay start up until the gas supply is live.

With a number of useful features including being able to automatically restore the gas supply after a power failure, the BoilerGuard provides complete peace of mind and simplifies a quite often complicated safety circuit.


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Key Features

  • No commissioning required
  • Proving or Non-proving selectable
  • 24VDC auxiliary power output
  • Interfaces for Gas Sensors, CO Sensors (with dedicated alarm output), Thermal Fuses, Remote Emergency Stop Buttons and Fire Alarm Systems
  • 230V rated BMS output capable of interlocking with plant

Technical Specification

Power Supply 230VAC
Power Output Gas Solenoid - 230VAC
Alarm Beacon - 230VAC
IP Rating IP65 (Providing rear entry sealed)
Approval CE

External Device Interfaces

BMS VFC (Valve Status Indication) - Rated 230V 5A Max
Pressure Monitors Flamefast Proving Assembly
24V Out Auxiliary Power Supply(350mA Max)(to be used for Gas Sensors, Transmitters etc.)
Gas Sensor 24V Signal to monitor external VFC
CO Sensor 24V Signal to monitor external VFC
Thermal Fuse   24V Signal to monitor external VFC
Remote_Stop   24V Signal to monitor external VFC
Fire Alarm 24V Signal to monitor external VFC
Beacon 240V Output to power alarm beacon


Height 180 mm
Width 130 / 140 mm Including Hinge
Depth 77 / 102 mm Including Stop Button

Basic Operation

When switched on via the key switch the BoilerGuard will check all interfaces prior to energising the gas solenoid to ensure no gas is released into a potentially unsafe environment.

The Boiler/Plant can be easily interlocked using the 230V 5A rated contact. This will not close until the gas is live, stopping appliances starting up prior to the restoration of gas

Installer Selectable Options

  • Proving or Non-proving
  • Enable / Disable
    • Sounder
    • Auto-reset

Part Numbers & Options / Accessories

Part No Description
BG-PO BoilerGuard Panel Only
BG-PR00 BoilerGuard c/w Proving Assembly
SVXX Gas Solenoid Valve (see Datasheet for Part No)

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